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Corporate America and government agencies are placing greater demands in the daily operations of their organizations. Higher performance standards, longer work hours combined with poor eating habits set the stage for increases in absenteeism, injuries and hostile work environments from multiple stress situations. Hundreds of research studies reveal how increases in exercise and consumption of nutrient rich foods increase employee performance, efficiency, longevity and creativity – happy, healthy people.

The CEO Fitness Challenge is designed to motivate employees in the workplace
environment to have fun in a competitive, team building spirit. The Challenge is modeled
after the popular, International 911 Fitness Challenge.

Registration proceeds benefit the Best Buddies Florida. Teams will register online at a non profit, 501-C-3 organization.

Teams of five members will commit to the 8-week Challenge by engaging in a 6 day per
week fitness program including 3 days of muscle building weight lifting and 3 days of fun,
heart healthy, cardio conditioning. Company and government CEOs, Executives or
Director/managers are Team Captains, responsible for motivating and ensuring that team
members eat nutritious meals, are well hydrated and commit to their daily exercise program. The team captain is equally accountable for improving as well.

After registration, team captains will be mailed packets for their team members including,
sports nutrition samples from sponsors, fitness journal, event t-shirt and fat loss audio CD.
The packet will contain all the necessary forms and instructions to be successful.

Team Captains will meet weekly with International Fitness Expert Jim Sayih ( to motivate the leaders on personal development, fat loss nutrition, lean-body exercise design and tips to win. Team Captains will forward the information to their teams.

Teams will weigh-in/out in January and March at predetermined locations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, where certified trainers will perform a body fat analysis on each team member. The data will be combined with the rest of the team members for a team score.
The process will be repeated in March. The pre and post scores will be compared to all the teams in the tri-county area to determine the team with the greatest improvement of team fat loss and muscle growth. The team with the highest score will WIN.

The winning team will be flown to Las Vegas for a weekend and receive $10,000.

In the CEO Fitness Challenge, everybody is a winner; all the team members, the company, the customers, the community, challenge sponsors, and those who are served by the Best Buddies Florida.

Good luck and have an OUTSTANDING Challenge!







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